Sunday, December 21, 2008

Time marching on my head...

So.  Let me start with a little background: about 3 months ago I was on cruise, brushing my teeth and it occurred to me that I was turning 35.  Which in my mind is half way to 40.  I know, you realists would say that it is actually halfway to 70, but 30 being when I started thinking about myself as a grown up, 40 is scary.  And 35 is half way there.  So I managed to settle it in my head and move on.  
Flash to last night:  brushing my teeth (is this the only time I realize my mortality?)  I found 3 grey hairs.  They weren't my first, I had one a few months ago.  But that one was an individual. Independent anomaly.  But 3 at one time... that's hard to ignore.  Aging is no longer something that happens to everyone else.  High School was not just yesterday.  
So I plucked them.  I know.  That's not going to stop them.  And I'm sure there are many more hiding away in my not so luxurious, not so dark mane.  But I have to try and baby step into it.

And maybe by next time I find them I will be better mentally prepared.

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