Thursday, December 18, 2008

Settled in...

So... the stockings are almost hung by the chimney with care...except there is no chimney and the stockings are in an old Walmart bag on the book shelf.  But the tree and lights are up, the decorations are out, the presents are all wrapped, and I mailed off all the boxes but one today - I'm still waiting for one gift to arrive (for my Nana).  Christmas is my favorite.  But T and I suck at it.  We have a hard time waiting for the big day - and when we get especially good gifts we have to give them right then!  It's just silly.  We've already opened up the Wii stuff.  T got me a Wii Fit.  It is SO fun!  I was hula-hooping and tight-rope walking.  I'm almost ready for the circus!
I am trying to decide how I want to challenge my photography for the next year.  Now that I'm going to be home for the entire year I have an opportunity to work on it.  Plus I am in work in getting my studio back together - I have a  few projects to get busy on.  I am looking forward to getting deep in the creativity.  I am wanting to do some altered art.  And as always I will post the photos here.

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