Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lazy Sunday!

So today has been quiet! I got to sleep in, they are fishing and hitting golf balls, pt-ing in the hanger and flight deck... very nice. We watched a Will Farrell marathon. I got my good camera out and took some pictures around the ship, watched two episodes of An American Dad. A very nice change of pace.
In 11 days is my 4 year anniversary with Tony! I am sad I am not going to be home for it. But that is part of the fabulousness - I know that I have nothing to worry about at all. It's only one anniversary when we have so many more ahead of us. He's the greatest husband ever!
It's been like Ground Hog Day here! Every day is a repeat of the day before. We had a brief break in Bahrain, but it was too short, for sure. Plus the last couple of days no one on the ship had liberty, so we were sick of each other again before we even pulled out!
I would like to put some time into learning the whole digital scrap-booking thing. I know that it will never take the place of the paper and glue scrapping - I love that way too much! But it would be cool do to some layouts before I get home. I have all the stuff here to do it - I just need to learn how! Plus I can't wait to have more opportunities to practice with my camera.
Tomorrow will be another day at work. And I may even feel like doing something then! But for now I must get the guys to clean the shop...

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