Monday, September 17, 2007


So, moving right along through our cruise, today we are in Bahrain. Our executive officer has said we are here for a "RRR" visit - Responsible Rest and Relaxation. Apparently that is his attempt to keep us from getting buck wild! So far so good. It is a working port, so our actual amount of rest and relaxation is limited. The best thing is that there is a full base here so we can stock up of the essentials - laundry soap, toothpaste, electronical type items. Oh, and there is free wi-fi, so I can actually get on the computer and yuck it up. Ihad an opportunity to download some new music and upload some pics to flickr. So a very successful port visit. So the tally so far is: Malta, Souda Bay (for an overnight), Marmaris Turkey, and now Bahrain. And we are only 6 weeks in! Already we are 3 ports more than the last cruise I took (post Sept 11 on the Theodore Roosevelt)
If you want to check out the flickr photos you can use the link to the right. I have uploaded some of Turkey and Malta. Enjoy!

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