Saturday, August 18, 2007


So I've been trying to upload pics from my stay here in Malta, but the computer's at work are so slow I can 't get it done. I think. Or maybe it's that the pics are so big... I think that may be it. I'll try resizing them and posting again.
It is just beautiful here. The buildings are of super old sand stone blocks. The oldest ones were built by the Moorish. They all have the most interesting carved enclosed porches and huge wooden doors. And for some reason door knockers are sold in nearly every store. Wierd. I went on a tour of Valletta, the capitol city. We went to St. Johns cathedral. It was breath-taking. Every inch of it was carved or painted or guilded. The entire floor was inlayed marble. Just fantastic. We also went to the palace armory where they had tons of suits of armor and cannons and swords. This is where the Musketeers are from. The older streets have steps any where it is up/down hill instead of just sloping because the knights would tumble over on a slope, but they could traverse the stairs. It makes me snicker to imagine a knight toppling over in the middle of the street!
We have a couple more port visits before we go thru the Suez. I am looking forward to Turkey. But that one isn't next - we have one in the middle. I am trying to be somewhat evasive to not give away our position!
I am missing home. I haven't even gone out at night. In by 2130! The kids are getting so drunk and disorderly that I figure that by the 4th or 5th port they will all be on liberty risk and It will have calmed down enough to be fun. I just don't enjoy going out and getting snockered. I will be going on another tour in Turkey. I would like to try and go on at least one each port. You always see something you otherwise wouldn't see.
I have searched the entire city for a christmas ornament, or something that could pass as one, only to no avail. For a big catholic population they sure don't make ornament available around here! You would think they would have them for the tourists to buy! I did, however, get a beautiful glass paperweight. I don't really have any papers to weigh down, I just like the way it looks!
Until the next port...

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