Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Almost on my way...

So I have again been neglecting my blog. and it is only going to get worse, I assure you. I am on my way to serve my country again. A six month deployment. We leave next week. I think I am ready. As ready as one can ever be packing up and leaving their life for half a year. I still have odds and ends to take care of. T, I think is dreading it. It will be harder for him, staying here. I, at least, will be in all the exotic locals the Navy takes us to (snort!) I would like to keep the blog relatively updated- I think that blogspot is still an authorized website on the ship.
This past weekend we went up to PA to visit the fam. It was fun. I took a lot of pictures of Tyrone for my dad. He's interested in documenting the town for historical reasons. He thinks he's just getting nostalgic in his old age. It was nice walking around with him talking about the buildings. T was busy welding up a fence gate for them. It turned out super nice. I just love their house. And all the work they've done there is impressive.

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