Sunday, August 20, 2006


So, The week has essentially come to an end. It is sunday, the ship is enjoying a little Holiday Routine. (We pulled out on Last Tuesday for a month or so of exercises.) I slept in until 0600, got ready for my 0700 meeting, wandered out onto the mess decks for a cup of coffee (breakfast won't start until 0700) and was told last night at 0300 we changed time zones and it was really 0530. So let me tell you another story. Yesterday all the First Class Petty Officers in my Department got an email from our Master Chief asking us to answer 4 questions for him to brief the MO on, as the MO wants a First Class Call. The questions and my answers were as follows (and I paraphrase): What do you think could be most improved on USS Special K? Communication. Departments don't talk to one another, it's always "every man for himself." Most improved in your Department? See above. What do you like best about USS Special K? That it's challenging. (good thing sarcasm isn't as evident when you type!) And lastly, like about Department? I like it's potential for improvement. And now, keeping in mind my answers to the first two questions, let's reflect again on story number one. The information about the time change was posted in the Plan of the Day for today. It isn't published until after Taps the night before. So if I go to bed at Taps and get up for the day at 0500 the time change has already occurred and I am an hour ahead of myself, and it is all caused by LACK OF COMMUNICATION! I think I need to go to my happy place.

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