Friday, October 06, 2006

Has it really been that long...

My how time flys, I guess. We've been back 3 weeks now, and today I went on leave. 9 whole days of no work. I have a bunch of stuff I want to do! First clean and reorganize the house. There are things in some weird places! Plus tons and tons of scrap booking. I have a massage tomorrow to help me feel more girly and relaxed. I can't wait! Plus our 3 year anniversary is next week. Tony got us reservations to the Painted Lady. That should be super romantico! And we may be getting a puppy, A guy at work just had puppies. Or at least his lab did. 11 little black labs! We'll have to go see them... and speaking (writing?) of puppies, my mother called me today to announce I had a new brother! A furry one, of course. She and my dad got a new fur baby: a border collie/lab mix, 3 months old. His name is Hamish. We're waiting for the baby pictures.

So let me add some pictures from my adventures south of the border:This is in Caracao, an island north of Venezuela and just beautiful. I've never seen such breath-taking beaches!

The only way to see the ship... with the wake of a liberty launch leaving it!

The Cool Kids - Liberty Buddies Forever!

Chilling out in Columbia.

Our last stop - Jacksonville. Night view of the Landing.

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