Saturday, July 08, 2006

Back for a minute....

From Boston. The ship was up there for their HarborFest. It was an OK time. A very pretty city, the weather was nice, we did a lot, but still would have rather been at home for 4th of July. Maybe next year... Here are some photos:

My liberty partner and I went on a lot of tours. We rode in a Duck, went to graveyards, walked just about every square inch of the city! Had delicious meals in Little Italy, went to the Constitution, even had fantastic seats at the Boston Pops! It was fun.
So now we're home for the weekend then back out to sea for a week. But then we get to spend an entire week at home! Of course that's the last one at home for a long while. I'll have to pack a lot of fun into it. I do know that it kicks off with a fabulous massage on Saturday. I'm going to be in need of that!
Maybe I'll do a little scrap booking tomorrow, but tonight I'm just going to take it easy!

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