Sunday, June 25, 2006

Slow Sunday

I realized that it has been a while since I have given any updates, and since I am having a slow sunday I thought I would catch up. I have finished up the brag book I made for Erin, later today I need to get it wrapped up and in the mail. I love the way it turned out and I think she should love it as well. It's very different for me to do layouts with children in them! Other scrapbookers may find that hard to believe, but with no kids of my own... it's a rare treat to use all the kiddy embellishments I have stashed around. Here are my 3 favorite pages:

Next week we are out to sea again. This time on our way to Boston for Harbor Fest. We'll be there for a week. I don't mind liberty ports, but I sure would like to spend some time at home! We're scheduled to be at sea every week but one from now until October. Consequently I am very unmotivated at home. I spend all weekend lounging around resting up for the next week at sea. It's just exhausting. This weekend I haven't even wanted to scrapbook. I guess the highlight is that I put on selftanner on my legs. Now they can't call me whitey at work!
Last night Tony and I got a trunk from along the street where a neighbor who sold their house was cleaning out some junk. Inside the trunk were the coolest papers: vehicle registration and reckless driving tickets from 1927! It was so neat to read the summons and court papers. Plus there were some blank checks and business cards from locak auto stores! I wonder if they are still in business...

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