Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Our Un-iversary

Well, a year ago today our lives changed drastically. 12 months ago, at almost this exact time, I came home to discover that our house had been burning/smoldering all day and nearly everything we owned was gone. Most painful was the loss of our three beloved pets, Ima, Dog Breath and Moo. They were our faithful companions, looking to us for their well being and safety and often I feel we failed to provide that to them. We loved them whole-heartedly, but that love was not enough to keep them alive. It is very sad. I do believe that everything, good and bad, happens for a reason. Frequently you are unable to see that reason at the time, but hind site is 20/20. We see now that the devestating loss of our home and friends was not entirely bad. We have joy in the memories of our beasties, and the pleasure of sharing our new home with new fur-babies who needed us as much as we needed them. We greater understand the limitations of being a human, and how heartbreak can alter your whole view of life. We cherish the thought of knowing that our families and community will be there to help in a time of need. And we have a better knowledge of what we personally can endure, that we are strong people, and that together we can handle anything that comes our way. We know that stuff is just that: stuff. What really matters is family and the love that you share with them. Stuff can be replaced.

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