Saturday, May 06, 2006

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

I thought I would start off today's celebration with posting the pictures of the mini-book I did last weekend:

The journaling reads as follows: I love Scrapbooking. Everyone who knows me knows this. I take every opportunity to "throw around some paper" as Tony likes to say. One Saturday while Tony was at the house I decided to finish up the work I had to do on a baby book for a friend. It involved a lot of straight cuts and instead of using my paper cutter I was using a metal ruler and my Fiskar's rotary cutter. If I had even been remotely safety conscious I would have been aware of my lapse in hand control. But instead I was upset because I had already cut the same piece of paper 2 other times and had ruined them before using them. So out of frustration I used an extra forceful pull to cut that strip and show it who was boss. Unfortunately my thumb was hanging just past the safe edge of the ruler and directly into the blade's path. Suddenly I felt a searing pain and I grabbed a rag. I managed to get all the way to the kitchen without dripping blood on any thing- a small miracle in my mind (between the 12+ hours of work I had put into the baby book at that point and the field of off-white carpet between me and the sink...) I shamefully called Tony to ask for a ride to the hospital as I feared stitches would be necessary. But after an hour and a half wait they closed up the cut with some surgical tape and sent me on my way. How humiliating to be beat at my own game.

Today is also the Penn State School of Nursing's Commencement. Among the ranks will be my dad. Congratulations to him and his classmates! It has been a long 2 years of studying to the point of exhaustion. But it has finally paid off. I am so proud of him! Just thinking of the amount of courage it took that first day of class 2 years ago - walking into the classroom filled with 18 year old girls as a 50 year old man - is enough to make me proud of him. His motivation and accomplishment of his goal is very inspiring. Thanks, Dad, for once again being my hero! And thank you, too, Mom, for making the sacrifices that were necessary and being the stability and support that Dad needed to reach his goal. You two are truly the greatest parents any one could ask for!

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Melanie said...

Hey Jendy! So I thought I would be able to "leave your comment" without signing up...but looks like I have my own blogger now! (I wanted to leave you a message and that was the only way). Everything looks really great-except for the whole finger thing...take care of yourself! And say hello to Tony for me!