Saturday, March 18, 2006

Yea, Scrapbooking, Yea!!

So FINALLY I have scrapped! I started with scanning some stuff I did a few weeks ago, but I actually got some new stuff done too! My book of me now has 4 whole pages. The scans all came out a little wonkey. I can't seem to get the scanner just right. Plus I organized my scrap room, posted a bunch of stuff to two peas and tried out the new message board at CK, and to top off the day I got the new CK and Scrapbook Answers mags in the mail! Quite the scrappy day! I also finished February for my Year in Review and have 2 pages done for the Thanksmas 2005 album. Believe it or not I have what seems like a thousand more projects lined up for when I'm done with these! If I could ever catch up! I also need to put some time in on digital scrapbooking so that when we start going to sea with a vengance I can do my military album digitally, practically in real time!

I enjoy reading the feed-back I get when I post my layouts on line. Those ladies are so supportive and their encouragement is very inspiring. They especially had a lot to say about the "No Children" layout. I appreciated everything that was said; I was a little nervous about posting it. Everyone knows that scrapbooking is very child-friendly! I was afraid of some repercussions if I went public with my feelings about kids. But to my suprise they completely understood! I love scrapbooking!
Everytime I complete a layout I feel so artistic! And I love fitting just the right paper and embellishments together to portray the mood or feeling I want the reader to have when they look at it. I do wish I had training in graphic design. I think it may be easier to compose a layout if I had some education in that area. I think I have a pretty good natural instinct, just no education. There is no real other news of the day. I spoke to my girl, Heidi, for the first time in about 6 months! She is doing great! I am so proud of her. I know she has had a hard time as a single mother, trying to earn her living and go to school to make it better, but now that she has graduated, and with honors, I know things are going to get much easier and more enjoyable for her! Tony and I are supposed to be going to dinner tonight - let me go find out what's up with that. I have much hunger now!

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