Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday Night Excitement

I thought I would let you take a look at where I'll be spending most of my time the rest of this year. I know it looks big, but when it's carrying around 3 thousand sailors/marines it gets crowded. This assignment isn't called arduous for no reason! It's shaping up to be a very trying 3 years. In two weeks we'll wrap up our twice extended support equipment rework and move everything back on board. Then the real fun will start.
This weekend I have a glorious two days off. I again would love to scrapbook, but I have looming house work and groceries to buy. Plus there are still some plants outside that we bought last weekend and still haven't gotten into the ground. Plus we want to start on those porch posts, and I need to go to the bank... and I don't have many days off left! Oh, and Sunday I am planning to go check out Sage's digs and advise on decor. (I need some girly time.) We'll see what pans out.

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