Monday, March 13, 2006

Wow, what a weekend!

The weather here has been BEAUTIFUL!! Saturday was 80, Sunday 75, and today 84. We were busy all weekend. Saturday we finally started work on the yard. The landscaping has been trashed from the construction last year. We pretty much gave up on the yard after the fire. It was too depressing to mow the lawn of a burnt up house. But now that we're back in the house it is time. I raked and pruned, bought a replacement forsythia or two, a couple of filler perennials, and a raspberry and blackberry bush. I have yet to get all of them into the ground, but I am hoping to this week sometime. Unfortunately it is only going to be 40-50 degrees this weekend. But we got the ceiling fan up on the porch, pressure washed the house (and it looks great) and Tony has almost finished another section of gutters. Slowly but surely it's getting done. We want to change out the porch posts next week, and put up a railing around it. Oh, and pressure wash the concrete and repaint it. We're also talking about pouring a driveway this year and making the area outside the kitchen door an actual patio. We bought a new bar-b-que this past Saturday. Tonight is steak and shrimp!
Tomorrow I have duty - and I have been scheduled for a gun shoot at 0830. I am required to be qualified on a 9mm for watch standing purposes.
I had better get those shrimp on the barbie...the sun is setting which means Tony will want dinner soon. (Tomorrow he will have to fend for himself! Just call him Captian Crunch!)

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