Wednesday, November 11, 2009


My creativity is coming back to me... and I have made the time to indulge it.

Earlier this year I was participating in the Awfully Big Art Adventure Challenges every week. Then life got busy and that was one of the first things to go.

I have learned since then that I need art to maintain my balance and well-being.
Back to the Challenge I go!

The challenges are now monthly, giving one much more time to contemplate how to interpret the theme. November's theme is Twinchies.

(Twinchies are two-inch by two-inch pieces of art. The challenge, of course, is the size restriction)

Here are mine:

I was inspired by Linda's use of postage stamps... also a favorite item of mine to use.

The top one and bottom one I am going to make into Christmas Cards. As for the lovely lady in the middle... She's just going to hang around being dramatic for a while until I can find a job for her!


Rosie said...

Oh well done with these! I love the way you've pushed the boundaries of the size with feathers and petals. Think the musical lady is my favourite. Glad you inspiration has returned and that you could take part in the challenge.
Rosie ABAA

Linda said...

Great work Jendy! How lovely that you made three - I'm so glad we inspired you.
My fav is also the lady with the twinkly crown.....
Linda x

Carol said...

Gorgeous twinchies


~*~Magpie's Nest said...

Your twinchies are each wonderful! I could not agree more about what you said about creating art and it helping you keep your balance. That is exactly what I say :)
One of my favorite rubber stamps says:
Art helps me breath
~*~ Patty

bad penny said...

they are lovely esp the glamerous lady !