Saturday, January 03, 2009

Off to a good start...?

Last night T and I decided it was time to move the base cabinet into the house.  Not a difficult task, one would think.  So allow me to add some details, the most important of which is this:  the thing weighs about 250 pounds.   Without the drawers.  And it is in the garage which means it must be maneuvered out the door, across the walkway, up 4 steps, thru the kitchen, turned around in the living room, and into the scrap room.  After clearing the path, I must say I had some apprehensions.  My shoulder has been jacked up for a while now - I suspect my rotator cuff is torn, but have yet to get a Navy Doctor to diagnose it - and I was nervous about lifting so much weight.  So T devised a plan using a tie-down strap, in which it was wrapped around my waist and then under the cabinet, and then around his waist.  All we would have to do then is stand up and guide it thru the house... HA!   I am most grateful that no one with a video camera was around to record this debacle.  After a few rest stops  and one significant moment when I was sure my leg was not going to go up the stair, we managed to get it in the room.  Which then takes me to my next dilemma... 
So, let me explain how hard it is to get spray paint to dry when the temperature is below 50 degrees:  it is, in fact, damn near impossible.  I have rigged up a complicated system of halogen flood lamps and portable heaters in the garage to try and accomplish this.  If it works, the new cabinet I have for the scrappy room is going to be fantastical!  It should solve a number of storage problems I am suffering from currently.  
Once this has been completed ( I have 4 or 5 more drawers to do...) I can then do the 2 challenges I have to do.  One is to create a charm, and the second is to use something new.  Perhaps I can incorporate them together...  
I also have some pictures I have to take of the mini-book I completed for my niece.  It turned out great.  Once I finish her brothers' books and send them off I'm sure they will LOVE them.  Plus they allow for them to write in them, which I especially like.  
Never a dull moment, let me tell you!

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