Saturday, December 27, 2008

I almost feel like a thief!

So.  The holiday has come and gone.  Overall, a good time was had by all.  Of course we received all we had hoped for and more.  T really outdid himself!  The biggest surprise was the ipod touch. Lord knows I don't need a third ipod, but I love it!  I am a sucker for a good gadget!  Plus he did outstanding on the scrap booking stuff... cricut jukebox, and a humongous xyron!  Now if I can just get my studio back under control I could go in there and scrap up a storm!  
He got some awesome antique tools from my folks and I got him the bulls eye he wanted for treasure hunting.  And that thing may have already paid for itself!  He went to the beach today and hunted for a bit and came home with a MP3 player - that works! (and has a bunch of crazy Mexican rap on it) and what could potentially be a diamond ring!   The center stone is about a half carat, with two quarter carat side stones and 3 of 4 baguettes next to that.  I suspect the ring itself is sterling silver, and it is a very small size... it fits on my pinkie, but I can't wait to have someone get a look at it and tell us if it is real or not!  This would definitely make up for the 100 pesos he brought home a while ago!
Tonight I would like to go out and snap photos of my Christmas lights - and then take them down on Sunday.  The tree is already down and put away.  It was just getting on my nerves.  And taking up way too much room in the living room!  (which is pretty tinified to begin with.)  
Next week I think I am going to start going to go thru some of the crap I have stashed upstairs and decide what is going on ebay.  I need to off load a bunch of this stuff.  The sooner the better.   My goal is to make the upstairs of the house more livable.  It is pretty much just wasted space right now.  I  think I need more book shelves up there too.  The 3 downstairs are full to the brim already.  But there are some good books on there!
I'll try to have some pictures to post soon.

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