Friday, June 20, 2008

Still more catching up to do...

It seems like every time I get around to blogging I have to catch up on weeks of happenings?  I'm a blogging looser.
So today I'd like to catch up on my artistry.  I am currently playing around with mixed media collage and altered books.  It's fun because it's the things I like about scrapping - the paper and paint and stuff- without the journaling or stress of trying to capture  the moment.  Perhaps "stress" isn't exactly the right word.  Even a bad day scrapbooking is infinitely better than even a half day of work!  
So here are some pictures of the first altered book I did:  

I also like that I can experiment without fear of jacking up a picture or layout.  So I try my hand at painting and stamping and all kind of stuff.  I finished up another book today. It's even more dream like than the one above.  I have gotten a bunch of collage stuff, mostly off ebay.  I have a box of old stamps and old homeless pictures (not pictures of the homeless, pictures that don't have a home!) Plus I won bids on some junk boxes with broken jewelry and single action figures.  I can't wait to get into that stuff...  Just waiting for inspiration to strike.

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