Sunday, March 23, 2008

A dog day afternoon...

This morning we took the canines to the beach at Ocean View. It's nice there - close to the house, has a wave break, so no fear of Russet swimming off into oblivion, dogs are allowed off leash, and it is reletively empty in the mornings. We took them there last weekend for the first time and they were pretty sure it was the greatest day of their doggy lives. Today was much of the same. Angus enjoyed the bubbles, Russet chased birds, there was a rock to kick around, and to top it all off - something smelly and dead to roll around in. A dream come true for the big guys! We completed the morning with baths once we got home. They are now sound asleep and snoring. Happy, happy dogs.
I also took the opportunity to snap some shots. Here are some I liked:

The wrapper says "Vitamin Water"

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