Monday, January 01, 2007

January Challenge

So I was feeling inspired and already completed my January 2007 Challenge for the Outlaw Scrappers. The Challenge was to scrap a layout about someone you admired or influenced you. I chose to scrap my Dad. Here's the journalling (it's hidden on the layout):

He's never been a Daddy; always a Dad. It seems much stronger:
DAD. He's been a prominant figure in my life. He and my mother were
young when I was born, and it was evident in the way we were raised.
My dad would spend Saturday mornings on the couch with us, eating dry
fruit loops and watching bugs bunny. Dad would hide behind doorways
and jump at us when we came in. He is the reason I don't startle
easily now. He was always active in a Volunteer Fire Department,
sparking my interest in it, eventually leading me to get a degree in
Fire Science. He and I taught Red Cross CPR classes together,
showing me the art of Public Speaking and the joy of teaching,
giving me confidence as an awkward teen. He showed me the importance
of giving back to your community and the value of discipline. My
father has always been supportive of me and proud of my achievements,
no matter how insignificant. His relationship with my mother has
been a steadfast reminder of the power of love. When he went back to
college after retiring from the Air Force he showed me that you
should never be fearful of starting over. At his father's funeral he
said he was most proud of being Dr. John Dollar's son. I now know
what he meant. I am very proud that this man is my father. I am
Robert Dollar's daughter.

I stiched around the heart and picture and journal card with my sewing machine. This is the first time I really used an old picture (I am the baby in the picture) and I just love the way it came out. This one is a new favorite!

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