Sunday, January 14, 2007

Dad's Graduation Layouts

So today I finally worked on my Dad's Grad stuff that my mom brought down at Thanksgiving. I managed 6 layouts and really like the way they turned out. I decided to do them in 12 x 12, probably my most favorite and most used format, and then I'll just send additions to the album peridically. I hope they like them:

The color's a little wonky on the one above! The purple around his picture is really black!
The program from the commencement opens up and has the alma mater printed in it.
This program also opens and lists all the grads at the pinning ceremony.
The white circles are actually print outs of his grades.
The slit cut thru the congrats is so that all his grad cards can be put in the pocket I made.
The BG flowers are raised slightly with pop dots for a little more dimension.

Off work tomorrow... maybe some more scrappin to get done. I need to start brainstorming on Valentine's Day cards for a swap.

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Sean Carter said...

They look great....and it's always feels so nice to take a trip down memory lane...ans thanks for sharing them...and hey also stop by my blog sometime and check out some of the cool stuff i've posted there....i'm sure you're gonna enjoy all that's there!!!