Sunday, December 24, 2006

Sorry for the neglect!

I am a bad blogger. Here it is, Christmas Eve, almost a month since my last entry. Not even any photo updates! I don't even have a very good excuse. I haven't been to sea much, We're in Holiday stand down at work, I've even thought about blogging, I just haven't! We're all ready for christmas here, tracking Santa on Norad, surfing the web on our lap tops by the light of the christmas tree, A Christmas Story on the tv. A nice, quiet Christmas eve. All the animals are dozing, it's nice.
Here are some of my favorite pics taken recently:
My tree this year, of course done with Crayola ornaments!
This one is my Crayola house and elves, one of my favorite things!
This tree belonged to my Nana for years and years. I couldn't help but call my brother and brag about having it! He is so jealous!

This is our new addition, Russet with his new big brother Angus. They are so cute together!!! He's going to be a big guy, we suspect! He's weighing in at 23 pounds at 11 weeks! His dad is 85 lbs and the vet seems to think that he'll out weigh him! You can see by his paws next to Angus that he may just give him a run for his money! You should see the two of them together! They love to wrestle and play. It's so fun to watch. I'm glad they are such good friends.

I made star albums this year for Christmas for my sisters two oldest. I really like they way they turned out. Kind of like a reverse pop-up book. I used their Halloween pictures and made little story books using them as characters. Here's what they looked like:

So tomorrow is the big day. I can't wait for Tony to open his presents. I did good this year! I had some doubts, but I pulled it off! I'll update tomorrow and share all the greatness! Until then...

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