Sunday, November 12, 2006

3 Days off in a row!

So, it's been quite a fun-filled weekend. My Mom, Dad, and Nana just left a short while ago, headed for home. They came down for 3 days as Dad had some days off from the hospital for Veteran's day. It was great having them down. It was the first time they have visited since the house fire. We had wonderful weather the whole time they were here, Angus had a great time playing with their little dog, Hamish. It was so fun just sitting around chit-chatting and shopping. No stress, no plans, just visiting. It was fabulous. Tomorrow it's back to work. I have duty, then Tuesday it's to sea for a week. I feel like time is creeping up on my. I have a layout to do for the outlaw scrappers that I haven't started on, I haven't bought anything for Thanksgiving, and I have 3 or more projects to do for Christmas presents. It's getting very overwhelming. I will just have to use all the minutes I can find to get it all done.

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