Saturday, July 29, 2006

Home at last, for a minute!

Wow it's been a long time since I blogged! I have been out to sea the whole time. And will be right back out there next week. It's been exhausting! Plus you throw in a bunch of duty days and you get very little time off. Last weekend I was scrapping both days. I'm trying to get the NYC layouts done so that I can start on Boston, before we hit any more ports! We'll be gone about 33 days in August and September, and there is talk of ports in Aruba, Columbia and Panama. But nothing is firm, like always, and we'll just be suprised. I'll pack up the camera and away we go.
I talked to my dad this morning and found out that he passed his state certification test. He is officially an RN! Wow we are all so proud of him! It's a great way to start up the next phase of his life. He was asking me about the Chief results, but they aren't out yet. The word is that they will be out 1 August. We shall see.
Here are the layouts I did last weekend, enjoy:

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