Saturday, April 01, 2006

I'm no April Fool!

Spring has sprung, FINALLY! Today is beautiful, sunny, 75 degrees! Tomorrow will only be 65, but still a far cry from the 50 it has been! I spent the morning and early afternoon shopping. Great purchases today! I used up the gift certificate Tony got me for the scrapbook store, and got some fabulous items! I got the EK Success Bookwork line. It has really inspired me to start scrapping some of my childhood pictures. Plus I got a bunch of stickers and stuff to go along with it. I must have spent an hour just wondering around looking at stuff. But I was dissappinted that they don't carry the Basic Grey line at all. I would really like some of the Color My World to do some Crayola layouts. Then I went to Petsmart and enrolled Angus in be-good school. He's getting more and more out of control, and as big as he is we'll all be happier if he behaves better. Tonight we're taking him with us to Sage and Ronnie's. Last time he was there, he was terrified of Ronnie. We'll see if he does any better when Tony is there. Plus having him there will give Tony the necessary "Out" for when he wants to leave. I also went to Best Buy and got t crappy stereo for the living room. It sounds pretty good, but it's no home theater! I just can't justify the money those cost. But even if mine is crappy, I hooked the TV up to it, and now the sound when we watch the tube is much better. Plus, I got a monster cable and charging cord for my ipod, so I can listed to it thru the stereo, or the TV at work. Good for all that sea time coming up! They guys may not like it, but that is why I'm the AS1!
Next week I have my test and possibly the board for the Officer Of the Deck watch I've been standing under instruction, Plus the test for Damage Control. I have to catch up on my quals. I'm on the verge of being dink. Not a good way to start off at a new command! Here's a photo of my personal space in the USS Kearsarge: I have to say, it's not that big. I do have a stand up locker as well, but it sure isn't like being at home! And now that we're the surge gator, I have to have all my uniforms on board, just taking up space! It could be a long summer!

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