Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Everyone needs an edumacation!

Angus started school yesterday. He was enrolled in an 8 week course at our local Petsmart. The instructor, Daisy, seems to be really great with the dogs. To our surprise there was even another brindle mastiff named Jojo. She seemed to have the opposite problem of Angus. (His problem is that strangers terrify him!) There were also 2 labs, 1 beagle, 1 border collie mix and a chiuaua, named Cinco! (I know that's not how it's spelled, but I've messed it up so bad it won't even show up close in spell check!) Angus did better than I expected. By the end of class he even let Daisy pet him and give him a treat. But the funniest part was when we first got there, it was like a game of name the neurosis! I wasn't quite so embarrased. At least Anguloid has reasons for being crazy! Some of the dogs there are just nutty. But it was fun. Tony wI ill be taking him to the rest of the classes since I will be at sea. Today we worked for a little bit on clicker training. He's got the sit and stay down, just doesn't come once released from the stay. We'll be covering that next week. Maybe someday we'll actually have a dog we can take out in public... goodness knows the last two we weren't able to!
Gas prices have gone crazy here, as in the rest of the country, I'm sure. $2.95-3.15 for unleaded and $2.89 for diesel! Maybe it's a good thing that I won't be driving. I think I can milk out this tank of gas until June. Boy, I'm glad we got the Jetta when we did. It's such a great ride. Maybe not super-de-dooper stylish, and it doesn't have a bangin' system or fabulous kicks, but that baby diesel just keeps plugging away!
I should be able to keep this pretty updated during the next month or so. I'll try, at least. We'll be underway a lot. Perhaps I'll even have some time for scrapbooking. Especially since I'll be getting all the new stuff I ordered from QVC early next week. That UPS man must think that I'm a crazy TV-shopping house wife. I guess he'd almost be right!

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