Friday, March 03, 2006

Weekend, here we come!

Friday, friday! Finally, it's here. This week work has been very close to overwhelming. The Ship I am on (I am in the Navy) has recently come out of a brief yard period, and we are gearing up to some sea trials, where we go to sea for a few days and try everything out and drill the crew and stuff. I am a Support Equipment Technician. What that means is that I am a mechanic, working on diesel and gas turbine engines, hydraulic, cryogenic and electrical systems. It is an aviation rate, as we own and maintain all the equipment that is necessary for operating and maintaining aircraft for the Navy. All the stuff that doesn't fly, but without it, nothing would fly! (No Air Support Without Ground Support!)
I love my job. I find it especially challenging as I am not a natural mechanic. And it is traditionally a male dominated field, not suprisingly, which brings even more challenges as I am a woman. And damn good at my job. Some men find it difficult to be supervised by a woman. They need to just suck it up and quit their crying in my opinion. I don't even feel bad when I take their job from them. Actually, I think it's kind of funny. Big ole' macho man loosing his job to a chick! But if you're not going to help, then get the heck out of the way! Sometimes it's a pretty delicate balancing act for me to be successful and maintain my feminity. That's why, no matter how dirty my hands may be, scratched up and perma-grease in the creases, you can still see my beautifully manicured nails under it all! I do kind of push the uniform regulations, but since I give 110% to my job, I think the least they can do is let me have hooker-red nails. Just as long as my superiors think the same way all will be good!
And now back to my original train of thought: FRIDAY! And no duty this weekend, so for the first time in 3 weeks I get two whole days off in a row! I am going to live it up. Scrapbooking all day, not making dinner on Saturday, catching up on all the TV programs that have been ti-vo'd for like 3 weeks, popcorn for dinner Sunday night! Let me tell you, I am letting my hair down! It's going to be great. I may even take the Angu-loid to the Bark Park now that he's legal (Tony got him a license at City Hall today - no fear of Dog Catchers now!)

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