Saturday, March 04, 2006

So Many Pictures!

So I haven't gotten a lot of scrapping done yet, at least not directly. I have such a terrible head cold: congestion, sneezing, runny nose, and I am having a real hard time creating complete thoughts. So I worked on a small layout for my Holiday Lunch Box, and then decided that I needed to work on something that requires less thinking. So I have spent the last two or three hours going through my photo backup disks from 2001 to the present. I re-discovered so many fantastic pictures... I'll include some here in a moment. I have a ton of pictures to scrap now. I was reading somewhere last week, someone's post, or an article I think? Anyway, it was about a scrapper who had inspiration issues because everytime she got ideas about an album she had to wait two or more days to get her photos off her computer and printed out. That is so totally me. I have hundreds of photos, but all digital, and it is so expensive to print at home. So I am going thru my pics and ordering prints so I can have them on hand for when inspiration strikes. Now if I just had the time to scrap!
Next week we are essentially at sea Mon-Fri, at least we are confined to the ship, so the whole week is shot. I did go and buy a digital scrapbook program, with the thoughts that I can scrap easier on the ship, but I know that next week I will have no time...there is SO much work to do in the shop. 12-18 hour days are in my immediate future! I am so dreading it, especially since I feel so crappy. I think today, though, I am going to nap. Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow.

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Teresa said...

I love my jendy pendy!!!!!