Sunday, January 25, 2009

ABAA - Altered Canvas

I must confess, this is not the first time I have altered a canvas. In fact I have done many, including two that I hinged together and made a letter keeper for my grandmother. 

When I read the challenge, my first instinct was to just use a photo of one of those.  

But I thought twice and decided that I would be cheating myself out of a potentially (Awfully) Big Art Adventure!  So off to the craft store I went and purchased my canvas.

Above you will see the finished product.  

It is deceivingly small.

In fact, I have never done anything so tiny.  (Save for that blasted bottle cap last week!)

To make this little gem I used several vintage stamps I had on hand, and collaged them with patterned paper, a die cut, some glitter and paint, to make the background.  Then I cut out the image of the deer from an old photograph I had.  And to finish it off I used the bird from another stamp, some paper, a metal plate, and a rub-on.

Below is a  picture from an angle that I think shows the 3-D-ed-ness a little better.

And lastly is this image that will give you a better perspective of the tininess.  

A great challenge, I must say!


Stempelchaotin said...

Oh wow this is brilliant.
Fantastic canvas.

Janny said...

Lovely canvas!

Rosie said...

Well done Jendy - you're quite right you ARE working in the spirit of the challenge! Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for taking part.
Rosie ABAA

Linda said...

Thats so cute Jendy - I really like it. Thank you for taking on our challenges ...
Linda xx :-)

raining sheep said...

That is fantastic. Beautiful!! I love miniatures because people really have to look at them and get close. You did such an amazing job.

Jan said...

This is lovely

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Your tiny canvas has so much wonderful detail and depth to it!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your canvas is gorgeous. Love, love, love your recycling efforts.


Jaqi said...

Oh a second one how wonderful, im working backwards down your blog. This is lovely too. Jaqi