Monday, September 08, 2008

31 Days

Thirty one days and no end in site! Well, there is an end, but it isn't for months. We were just in Colombia doing some humanitarian work. Previously we were in Nicaragua. Providing vaccinations, rehabilitating schools, building stuff. It's very rewarding to be on a war vessel not going to war. We are now on our way to our third county. This one was a bit unplanned - but Ike helped us make a decision. We will provide what we have and do what we can.
I have yet to leave the ship. My responsibilities as a Departmental LPO keep me here. AND I am so fair skinned that the carribean sun does not agree with me (you should see how RED everyone is coming back each day!), and to top it off, one of the primary modes of transportation to where ever it is we are going is by boat. And, believe it or not, this salty dog gets sea sick. My gills get green. It would ruin any good feeling I have after a day helping those less fortunate! And probably most of the next day too. But I'll be first in line to help out if we ever get pier side.

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