Saturday, December 30, 2006

Catching up on scrappiness.

I finally completed the November Challenge layout for the Outlaw Scrappers. It was to scrap a place that means something to you. One of your favorite places. I chose Tyrone PA. My journalling, which you can't read on the picture because it's too small is as follows:

Ask me where I'm from and I'll tell you Tyrone PA. If you are familiar with the area and ask me where in Tyrone I'll start my story of how I never actually lived in Tyrone. I know how it sounds, never living in a town I call home, but Tyrone is familiar to me in that homey kind of way. Or at least as close as I have ever gotten. You see, my father joined the Air Force in 1976, when I was 2 years old.We had been living in a neighboring town, Tipton, the closest I've ever been to living in Tyrone. We promptly moved to the first of seven duty stations that ranged from Utah to Spain to New Jersey. We actually lived six straight years in Wichita Kansas, which until recently, was the longest I had ever lived anywhere. But throughout the years of moving, whenever my father could get some time off we packed our bags and made the trek home, to Tyrone. My father' sparents have lived there more than 50 years, and my mother's familyis spread out in neighboring towns. Now that I am in the military I still go home to Tyrone when I can get the time off. My parents have moved back there, and both my grandmothers now live in town. For me the homey feeling isn't from knowing all the streets and buildings. It's from knowing that people who love me and call me family are there. That makes it my home too.
Hope you like it.

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