Saturday, June 03, 2006

Let's try this again!

So Here I am at the MoMA. (If you haven't read the post below, you may want to as this is a continuation of that...) I was a little frustrated because I don't know much about art and I felt like I should know something when I looked at some of the weird stuff. But they had a great photography gallery. I loved looking at the pictures, and found that very inspirational.
The next day Sonya and I had tickets to see Julia Roberts in her Broadway play, 3 Days of Rain. We practically ran to the Theatre fromthe ship because we were running a little late, but we managed to get in our seats before the curtain raised,albeit sweaty and slightly out of breath! They play was fantastic - I have never actually been to one. As we came in the Head Usher was checking bags for cameras. Of course, having one, he took it to the coat check, but asked me if I was going to take picures after the show. I said yes, not really knowing what he meant, and he told me that as soon as the curtain fell to come out of the theatre on to the sidewalk and he would meet me there with my camera (a curtesey for being in uniform, as Sonya and I were the only two sailors there). Well, after the second act the curtain fell and we high-tailed it to the sidewalk where the gentleman was, true to his word. But he hadn't had time to get my camera. So he told me to go get it out of the coat check, and when I was done to walk right out on to the street so he could see me. It took about 5 minutes to get my camera,and when I came back out of tht theatre people were crammed at least 10 people deep up to the Jersey Barriers that had been placed in a box around the theater door. There was a cop keeping everyone off the street, and I couldn't find Sonya. I debated in my head for a minute about going out on the street, what with the cop there and cars trying to get thru, but the man told me to earlier, so I took the plunge. Finally being 6 feet tall paid off! I wasn't out there more than a minute before the usher walked over the the barrier 8 people ahead of me and told them to make an aisle. As they were turning and schoochying I heard a lady say "Who are we letting thru?" To which I replied, "It's for me." The gentleman walked me thru the barrier, across the open box and to the otherside, so that when Julia would come out of the building, I would be the first person she would see! I felt like a rock star! And even though I was taking their space, the people around me were very gracious. It must have been the uniform! Sure enough, a few minutes later Julia came out and signed my playbill and I even managed to get a picture as she was moving down the line!

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